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Penitentiary law


Often, when you have a legal problem, you invest a lot of effort and dedication to the defense in the criminal process, the trial, the payment of the legal fees and the search for evidence; but when it goes sideways and one is incarcerated, there is a tendency to trust in the passage of time and be let resignation sink in before the decisions of the Penitentiary Administration and the Penitentiary Courts.


There is a huge difference, for the inmate internally as well as his family and relatives, between enjoying exit permits or not, between accessing third degree before and later, and of course there is also a big difference between achieving probation or serve the full conviction.


Do not expect the Treatment Board to benefit you or give you something that you haven’t fought for or that you have not properly requested, regardless of how much you think you may deserve it. Things do not work in the same way when you have a good lawyer, agile in handling the procedures that affect Penitentiary Law, compared to when there is no adequate defense available.


Having at your disposal an expert advice in the penitentiary field is vital for the estimation of your reviews and appeals and to improve your quality of life up to the licensing:

  • Accumulation of penalties
  • Initial Classification
  • Degree Progression
  • Exit Permits
  • Parole
  • Penitentiary sanctions
  • Legal Recourses before the Prison Supervision Judge
  • Appeals before the Provincial Court

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